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Ken Werner

After working with butterflies and moths for several years I started Gulf Coast Butterflies to provide better service to a growing industry. I have a total of 18 years of butterfly rearing experience. Gulf Coast Butterflies has been operating for more than 7 years and provides the largest variety of butterflies and moths with up to 45 different species commercially. We have the best experience in rearing healthy butterflies and moths in a commercial environment. We employ rigorous procedures to keep the farm as sterile as possible.

We maintain a close relationship with other breeders in the U.S. and abroad to communicate our ideas on rearing and dealing with disease and parasites resulting in solutions to help them provide healthy species as well.

Gulf Coast butterflies provides consulting services for butterfly exhibits to help design flight houses and which butterflies and plants will do best in their environment.

We also provide seminar and lecture talks for various groups as well.

We have our own nursery to grow and provide host and nectar plants for ourselves and customers. By doing so we are able to assure pesticide free plants that are healthy and will support caterpillar growth and butterfly feeding.


K&K Imported Butterflies

Gulf Coast Butterflies (Ken Werner) and Spineless Wonders (Kraig Anderson) have joined forces to create K&K Imported Butterflies. K&K was created to be your source for year-around supply of foreign pupae and butterflies. With a combined 35 plus years of knowledge in all aspects of the butterfly industry, K&K Imported butterflies will serve you better.

K&K believes your success is our success. We will work with you on new and different marketing ideas to bring more visitors to your exhibits and keep them returning. K&K wants to help you spark and renew return visits.

We will be establishing suppliers from around the world to provide you with a wide variety of new and exciting butterflies to exhibit. Working with K&K you will be able to develop a more stable and continuous source of product.

K&K is working with butterfly suppliers in North America, Central America, Asia, Africa, and China at present. We are in the process of developing supply sources from many other countries as well. By doing so, we can develop and promote monthly specials and featured exhibits of native and exotic butterflies which will be beneficial to you. This in turn will provide you with a source of interest for the media to more readily participate in your projects.

We will be featuring butterflies which have never been seen in the U.S. before.

K&K can provide assistance and consulting services to help develop and promote your exhibits and projects.

Please call us to discuss your plans and how we can help.

Kraig Anderson 612-961-0292
Ken Werner 239-353-9492



Splineless Wonders

More information coming soon.



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