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The following information is an outline that details components that are included in a "Seasonal Walk-Through Butterfly House" from Spineless Wonders.

  • Advance onsite consultation between your organization and Spineless Wonders to determine best layout and location.
  • All structural components (includes: actual structure, vestibules, timber foundation, coverings, doors, air curtains, etc.)
  • All internal components (includes: plants, pathway materials, pathway lights, sound system, water element, etc.)
  • Pupal Emergence Room - This area is a small room that is incorporated to one of the vestibules for the emergence of received pupae.
  • Initial Stocking of Butterflies - Spineless Wonders will supply you with butterflies or pupae.
  • Placement on Butterfly Suppliers Lists - Spineless Wonders will place your organization on the lists of reputable suppliers that we have had relationships with for several years.
  • All shipping and installation labor for the above mentioned materials.
  • USDA Permit Application Process Assistance - Spineless Wonders will also be available onsite for the USDA inspection of the facility.
  • Fun and creative marketing ideas to continually draw in new visitors, and media interests.
  • With over 35 years experience in seasonal exhibitry design and creation, you are sure to get the best possible visitor experience for your valuable exhibit dollars.
  • This multi-use structure has the potential for change out to other animals including Lorikeets, Reptiles, Insects, Touch Tanks and Budgies to name a few. Giving you the most Bangs for your exhibitry Buck!!!!

There are many included attributes that are too numerous to mention here, but would be outlined in more detail in a contract for services.

There are many additional options that we can discuss to fit your needs. Some of the additional options would be items such as weather resistant enclosures, hands-on-interactives, weather-resistant coverings, etc.


Rounded end Style Structure


Round Style Structure


If you would like to contact references for Spineless Wonders, please feel free to call or email.

This exhibit is truly a "turnkey" exhibit.

We appreciate the opportunity to offer a proposal to your organization, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Exhibitry Consultants

Multi Exhibitry Change Out Structures.
More bang for your exhibitry buck!

Custom Design & Construction of:

Avian & Insect Exhibitry,
(Ants, Honey Pot, Leaf Cutters, Ant Lions, Large Ant Gel Displays (Low Maintenance), Lorikeets, Budgies, Touch Tanks,
Jelly Fish Displays,
Bees, Bumble Bees,
Larger Than Life Insects,
Bug Cook Outs, Reptiles and more....!)
Native & Exotic Butterflies Importers
Insect Importers
Native Butterfly Breeder

Non USDA Regulated Exhibitry!

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*Kraig Anderson - Spineless Wonders

*Ken Werner - Gulf Coast Butterflies

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